CSPL Circulation Policy

    1. Your library card must be used for checking out materials.

    2. The first two (2) times a patron checks out materials the patron is limited to two (2) items. After timely return of those items a patron will have no limit on the number of items borrowed. Videos are limited to a total of three.

    3. The loan period for all items with the exception of videos is two (2) weeks. Videos circulate for three (3) days.

    4. Fines are $.20 per item per day for all materials except videos for each business day. The maximum charge is $5.00 per item. Video fines are $1.00 per day with a maximum of $10.00 per video.

    5. Anyone who has overdue material and/or fines of $3.00 or more may not check out materials.

    6. Fines will not be charged if items are returned within 5 day of the due date. One the 6th day the full accumulated amount will be charged. There is no grace period for videos or interlibrary loan materials.

    7. Your library card it free, ID must be shown. Children under age 18 must have parent present at the library (with ID) to sign for a library card. The replacement charge for a lost, stolen or damaged card is $1.00, with higher costs to be levied for subsequent cards.

    8. Any circulating material owned by the library may be reserved. The patron will be notified when the material is available.

    10. Library material may be renewed, if there are no reserves, a maximum of two times.

    11. Library materials may be returned in the outside book return box. Videos, cassettes and CDs may be retuned in the video/audio return box.

    12. The library is not liable for any damages which may occur to equipment while playing library owned media.