New Books – November


Albom, Mitch ~ The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto

Allende, Isabel ~ The Japanese Lover

Baldacci, David ~ The Guilty

Chiaverini, Jennifer ~ Christmas Bells

Clark, Mary Higgins ~ All Dressed in White

Connelly, Michael ~ The Crossing

Cornwell, Patrica ~ Depraved Heart

Crais, Robert ~ The Promise

Cussler, Clive ~ The Pharaoh’s Secret

Evanovich, Janet ~ Tricky Twenty-Two

Evans, Richard Paul ~ The Mistletoe Inn

George, Elizabeth ~ A Banquet of Consequences

Gerritsen, Tess ~ Playing With Fire

Goldenbaum, Sally ~ Trimmed With Murder

Irving, John ~ Avenue of Mysteries

Kellerman, Faye ~ The Theory of Death

Kellerman, Jonathan ~ The Golem of Paris

King, Stephen ~ Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Macomber, Debbie ~ Christmas Wishes

Maguire, Gregory ~ Still Alice

Morton, Kate ~ The Lake House

Patterson, James ~ Cross Justice

Preston, Douglas ~ Crimson Shore

Scottoline, Lisa ~ Corrupted


Non Fiction

Koehler-Pentacoff, Elizabeth ~ The Missing Kennedy


Large Print

Allende, Isabel ~ The Japanese Lover

Cook, Robin ~ Host

Cornwell, Patricia ~ Depraved Heart

Crais, Robert ~ The Promise

George, Elizabeth ~ Banquet of Consequences

King, Stephen ~ Bazaar of Bad Dreams

Roberts, Nora ~ Stars of Fortune

Scottoline, Lisa ~ Corrupted

Woods, Stuart ~ Foreign Affairs

New Books – October


Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem ~ Mycroft Holmes

Fortunato, John ~ Dark Reservations

Galbraith, Robert ~ Career of Evil

Gingrich, Newt ~ Duplicity

Hart, Carolyn ~ Ghost to the Rescue

Hilderbrand, Elin ~ Winter Stroll

Macomber, Debbie ~ Dashing Through the Snow

Michaels, Fern ~ Fancy Dancer

Michaels, Fern ~ Wishes For Christmas

Sandford, John ~ Saturn Run

Smiley, Jane ~ Golden Age

Trigiani, Adriana ~ All the Stars in the Heavens

Woods, Stuart ~ Foreign Affairs

Non Fiction

Dunlop, Stormy ~ Come Rain or Shine

New Books – September


Banasky, Carmiel ~ The Suicide of Claire Bishop

Black, Saul ~ The Killing Lessons

Brown, Dale ~ Iron Wolf

Castle, Richard ~ Driving Heat

Child, Lee ~ Make Me

Coulter, Catherine ~ The End Game

Cussler, Clive ~ The Solomon Curse

Dodd, Christina ~ Obsession Falls

Donati, Sara ~ The Gilded Hour

Evanovich, Janet ~ The Scam

Franzen, Jonathan ~ Purity

Graham, Heather ~ The Hidden

Groff, Lauren ~ Fates and Furies

Gulley, Philip ~ A Lesson in Hope

Higgins, Kristan ~ If You Only Knew

Jance, J.A. ~ Dance of the Bones

Johansen, Iris ~ Shadow Play

Jong, Erica ~ Fear of Dying

Kirkpatrick, Jane ~ The Memory Weaver

Lewis, Beverly ~ The Photograph

Neggers, Carla ~ Knights Bridge Christmas

Parker, Robert B. ~ The Devil Wins

Patterson, James ~ The Murder House

Robb, J.D. ~ Devoted in Death

Rosenberg, Alex ~ Girl from Krakow

Slaughter, Karin ~ Pretty Girls

Steel, Danielle ~ Undercover

Stewart, Amy ~ Girl Waits With Gun

Non Fiction

Gilbert, Elizabeth ~ Big Magic

Guinness ~ 2016 Guinness World Records

O’Reilly, Bill ~ Killing Reagan

New Books – June

New Books


Blume, Judy ~ In the Unlikely Event

Bushnell, Candace ~ Killing Monica

Clark, Mary Higgins ~ The Melody Lingers On

Delinsky, Barbara ~ Blueprints

Evanovich, Janet ~ Wicked Charms

Finder, Joseph ~ The Fixer

Frank, Dorthea Benton ~ All the Single Ladies

Gear, W. Michael ~ People of the Songtrail

Green, Jane ~ Summer Secrets

Grippando, James ~ Cash Landing

Hilderbrand, Elin ~ The Rumor

King, Stephen ~ Finders Keepers

Lindsey, Joanna ~ Wildfire in His Arms

Meltzer, Brad ~ The President’s Shadow

Palmer, Diana ~ Untamed

Patterson, James ~ Truth or Die

Reich, Christopher ~ Invasion of Privacy

Sefton, Maggie ~ Purl Up and Die

Shaara, Jeff ~ The Fateful Lightning

Steel, Danielle ~ Country

White, Kate ~ The Wrong Man

Wolf, Dick ~ The Ultimatum


Non Fiction

Hampton, Dan ~ The Hutner Killers

Kurson, Robert ~ Pirate Hunters

New Books – April


Baldacci, David  ~ Memory Man

Berg, Elizabeth ~ The Dream Lover

Berry, Steve ~ The Patriot Threat

Box, C. J. ~ Endangered

Caldwell, Ian ~ The Fifth Gospel

Chiaverini, Jennifer ~ Mrs. Grant and Madame Jule

Coben, Harry ~ The Stranger

Cussler, Clive ~ The Assassin

Fielding, Joy ~ Someone is Watching

Genova, Lisa ~ Inside the O’Briens

Gortner, C. W. ~ Mademoiselle Chanel

Graham, Heather ~ The Dead Play On

Gross, Andrew ~ One Mile Under

Gruen, Sara ~ At the Water’s Edge

Hannah, Kristin ~ The Nightingale

Hawkins, Paula ~ The Girl on The Train

Henderson, Dee ~ Taken

Iles, Greg ~ The Bone Tree

Ishiguro, Kazuo ~ The Buried Giant

Jance, J. A. ~ Cold Betrayal

Johansen, Iris ~ Your Next Breath

Kells, Claire ~ Girl Underwater

Lehane Dennis ~ World Gone By

Macomber, Debbie ~ Last One Home

Michaels, Fern ~ Perfect Match

Michaels, Fern ~ Eyes Only

Nesbo, Jo ~ Blood on Snow

Patterson, James ~ Miracle at Augusta

Patterson, James ~ NYPD Red 3

Roberts, Nora ~ The Liar

Sandford, John ~ Gathering Prey

Scottoline, Lisa ~ Every Fifteen Minutes

Simmons, Dan ~ The Fifth Heart

Smiley, Jane ~ Early Warning

Vann, David ~ Aquarium

White, Randy Wayne ~ Cuba Straits

Woods, Stuart ~ Hot Pursuit

Non Fiction

Berry, Amanda ~ Hope

Francis, Pope ~ Walking with Jesus

Frew, David ~ Shipwrecks of Lake Erie

Larson, Erik ~ Dead Wake

Northrup, Christiane ~ Goddesses Never Age

Podell, Albert ~ Around the World in 50 Years

Roberts, Cokie ~ Capital Dames

Santorum, Rick & Karen ~ Bella’s Gift

Stern, Jessica ~ Isis: The State of Terror

Large Print

Berry, Steve ~ The Patriot Threat

Coben, Harlan ~ The Stranger

Kinsbury, Karen ~ Chasing Sunsets

Perry, Anne ~ The Angel Court Affair

Woods, Stuart ~ Hot Pursuit

New Books

New Books – January 2015


Allen, Sarah Addison ~ First Frost

Childs, Laura ~ Scorched Eggs

Diamant, Anita ~ The Boston Girl

Gerritsen, Tess ~ Die Again

Gordon, Alex ~ Gideon

Grahame-Smith, Seth ~ The Last American Vampire

Green, Jane ~ Saving Grace

Griffin, W.E.B. ~ The Assassination Option

Higgins, Jack ~ Rain on the Dead

Hoag, Tami ~ Cold Cold Heart

Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ Trust No One

Macomber, Debbie ~ Love Letters

Margolin, Phillip ~ Woman with a Gun

Oakley, Colleen ~ Before I Go

Parker, Robert B. ~ The Bridge

Taylor, Brad ~ No Fortunate Son

Woods, Stuart ~ Insatiable Appetites

Non Fiction

Aptowicz, Cristin O’Keefe ~ Dr. Mutter’s Marvels

Close, Jessie ~ Resilience


 Large Print Books

Higgins, Jack ~ Rain on the Dead

Koontz, Dean ~ Saint Odd

Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ Trust No One

Robards, Karen ~ Hush

Woods, Stuart ~ Insatiable Appetites

New Books – November


Baldacci, David ~ The Escape

Brown, Rita Mae ~ Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Brunstetter, Wanda E. ~ Healing Quilt

Clark, Mary Higgins ~ Cinderella Murder

Doerr, Anthony ~ All the Light We Cannot See

Evanovich, Janet ~ The Job

Evans, Richard Paul ~ Mistletoe Promise

Grisham, John ~ Gray Mountain

Jackson, Lisa ~ Wicked Ways

King, Stephen ~ Revival

McMurtry, Larry ~ Last Kind Words Saloon

Millet, Lydia ~ Mermaids in Paradise

Moyes, Jojo ~ Ship of Brides

Patterson, James ~ Hope to Die

Patterson, James ~ Private India: City on Fire

Preston, Douglas ~ Blue Labyrinth

Scottoline, Lisa ~ Betrayed

Sefton, Maggie ~ Bloody Politics



Bush, George W. ~ 41

Butler, Kiera ~ Raise: What 4-H Teaches 7 Million Kids

Consumer Reports ~ Consumer Reports Buying Guide 2015

Kissinger, Henry ~ World Order

Owen, Mark ~ No Hero: Evolution of a Navy SEAL

Summers, Libby ~ Anyone Can Knit


Large Print

Cornwell, Patricia ~ Flesh and Blood

Cussler, Clive ~ Havana Storm

Deveraux, Jude ~ Change of Heart

King, Stephen ~ Revival

McCall Smith, Alexander ~ The Handsome Man’s Deluxe Cafe

Picoult, Jodi ~ Leaving Time

Roberts, Nora ~ Blood Magick


New Books – October

Beuhlman, Christopher ~ The Lesser Dead
Childs, Laura ~ Gossamer Ghost
Christie, Alix ~ Gutenberg’s Apprentice

Dallas, Sandra ~ Quilt for Christmas
Francis, Dick ~ Damage
Grant, Andrew ~ Run
Hart, Carolyn ~ Ghost Wanted

Hilderbrand, Elin ~ Winter Street
Karon, Jan ~ Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good

Macomber, Debbie ~ Mrs. Miracle
Mitchell, David ~ The Bone Clocks

Parker, T. Jefferson ~ Full Measure

Picoult, Jodi ~ Leaving Time

Rosner, Elizabeth ~ Electric City
Sandford, John ~ Deadline

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ When Mercy RAins
Smiley, Jane ~ Some Luck
Toibin, Colm ~ Nora Webster

Van Allen, Lisa ~ The Night Garden
Woods, Stuart ~ Paris Match

Non Fiction
Batali, Mario ~ America Farm to Table
Gehring, Abigail R. ~ Homesteading

Prentice, Claire ~ The Lost Tribe of Coney Island

New Books – September


Burton, Jessie ~ The Miniaturist
Child, Lee ~ Personal
Cussler, Clive ~ The Eye of Heaven
Dodd, Christina ~ Virtue Falls
Goodwin, Daisy ~ Fortune Hunter
Gulley, Philip ~ A Place Called Hope
Jackson, Lisa ~ Close to Home
Kellerman, Faye ~ Murder 101
Kellerman, Jonathan ~ The Golem of Hollywood
Kingsbury, Karen ~ Angels Walking
Lehane, Dennis ~ The Drop
Lewis, Beverly ~ The River
Neggers, Carla ~ Harbor Island
Parker, Robert B. ~ Blind Spot
Smith, Katy Simpson ~ The Story of Land and Sea
Woodsmall, Cindy ~ A Love Undone

Non Fiction

Dickinson, Richard ~ Weeds of North America
Thomas, Robert B.~ 2015 Old Farmer’s Almanac

New Books – January

Austin, Lori ~ The Lone Warrior
Chiaverini, Jennifer ~ Mrs. Lincoln’s Rival
Childs, Laura ~ Eggs in a Casket
Doctorow, E. L. ~ Andrew’s Brain
Gardner, Lisa ~ Fear Nothing
Higgins, Jack ~ The Death Trade
Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ River Road
Kidd, Sue Monk ~ The Invention of Wings
Parker, Robert B. ~ Bull River
Taylor, Brad ~ The Polaris Protocol
Unger, Lisa ~ In the Blood
Wolf, Dick ~ The Execution
Woods, Stuart ~ Standup Guy

Non Fiction
Avena, Nicole M. ~ Why Diets Fail

Large Print
Henderson, Dee ~ Unspoken