New Books – January

New Books January


Benjamin, Melanie ~ The Children’s Blizzard

Brazier, Eliza Jane ~ If I Disappear

Dodd, Christina ~ Wrong Alibi

Gardner, Lisa ~ Before She Disappeared

Goldberg, Lee ~ Bone Canyon

Grippando, James ~ Twenty

Hawkins, Rachel ~ The Wife Upstairs

Kellerman, Faye ~ The Lost Boys

Kelly, Julia ~ The Last Garden in England

Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ All the Colors of Night

North, Anna ~ Outlawed

Patterson, James ~ The Russian

Preston, Douglas ~ The Scorpion’s Tail

Rowling, J.K. ~ The Ickabog

Shalvis, Jill ~ The Forever Girl

Smiley, Jane ~ Perestroika in Paris

Steel, Danielle ~ Neighbors

Taylor, Brad ~ American Traitor

Wingate, Marty ~ Glamour Girls

Woods, Stuart ~ Hush-Hush


Butler, Daniel Allen ~ Pearl

DeRose, Chris ~ The Fighting Bunch

Diangelo, Robin ~ White Fragility

Harris, Kamala ~ The Truths We Hold

Kimmerer, Robin Wall ~ Braiding Sweetgrass

Obama, Barack ~ A Promised Land

Patterson, James ~ Till Murder Do Us Part

Sullivan, James ~ Unsinkable

Thunberg, Greta ~ No One is Too Small to Make a Difference

Large Print
Cornwell, Patricia ~ Spin

Gardner, Lisa ~ Before She Disappeared

Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ All the Colors of Night

Parker, Robert B. ~ Someone to Watch Over Me

Woods, Stuart ~ Hush-Hush

New Books – November

Archer, Jeffrey ~ Hidden in Plain Sight
Baldacci, David ~ Daylight
Baxter, Charles ~ The Collective Sun
Brustetter, Wanda E. ~ Blended Quilts
Clark, Mary Higgins ~ Piece of my Heart
Coelho, Pablo ~ The Archer
Connelly, Michael ~ Law of Innocence
Cornwell, Bernard ~ War Lord
Cussler, Clive ~ Maurader
Evanovich, Janet ~ Fortune and Glory
Evans, Richard Paul ~ The Noel Letters
Gregory, Phillipa ~ Dark Tides
Goldenbaum, Sally ~ Crime of a Different Stripe
Hart, Carolyn ~ Ghost Ups Her Game
Horowitz, Anthony ~ Moonflower Murders
Kingsbury, Karen ~ Truly, Madly, Deeply
Lethem, Jonathan ~ The Arrest
Nesbo, Jo ~ The Kingdom
Patterson, James ~ Deadly Cross
Perry, Anne ~ Christmas Revolution
Steele, Danielle ~ All That Glitters


Bacon, Tony ~ Legendary Guitars
Berg, Elizabeth ~ I’ll Be Seeing You
Douglas, John ~ The Killer’s Shadow
Johnsen, Jan ~ Gardentopia
McConnell, Michael N. ~ To Risk It All
Noble, Bill ~ Spirit of Place
Parton, Dolly ~ Songteller
Patterson, James ~ Murder of Innocence
Rosenbloom, Megan ~ Dark Archives
Sedaris, David ~ Best of Me
Shearer, Clea ~ Home Edit Life
West, Dan ~ Railroad Depots of Northwest Pennsylvania


New Books – October


Buchanan, Cathy Marie ~ Daughter of Black Lake

Carr, Robyn ~ Return to Virgin River

Carr, Robyn ~ Whispering Rock

Child, Lee ~ The Sentinel

Dailey, Janet ~ Paradise Peak

Ellis, Lindsay ~ Axiom’s End

Flagg, Fannie ~ Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop

Fluke, Joanne ~ Christmas Cupcake Murder

French, Tana ~ The Searcher

Graham, Heather ~ Deadly Touch

Graham, Heather ~ Dreaming Death

Hilderbrand, Elin ~ Troubles in Paradise

Hooper, Elise ~ Fast Girls

Jewell, Lisa ~ Invisible Girl

Kirkpatrick, Jane ~ Something Worth Doing

Koontz, Dean ~ Elsewhere

Mallery, Susan ~ Happily This Christmas

Michaels, Fern ~ The Brightest Star

Patterson, James ~ 1st Case

Patterson, James ~ Coast to Coast Murder

Patterson, James ~ Three Women Disappear

Robinson, Kim Stanley ~ The Ministry for the Future

Rosenfelt, David ~ Silent Bite

Sparks, Nicholas ~ The Return

Thor, Brad ~ Near Dark

Unger, Lisa ~ Confessions on the 7:45

Woods, Stuart ~ Shakeup


Jones, Carole ~ 30-Minute Cooking From Frozen Cookbook

Miller, Jax ~ Hell in the Heartland

Pestana, Carla Garding ~ The World of Plymouth Plantation

Sacks, Oliver ~ A Leg to Stand On

Seinfeld, Jerry ~ Is This Anything?

Shearer, Clea ~ The Home Edit

Wells, Jonathan Daniel ~ The Kidnapping Club

Wolfe, Muriel Sibell ~ The Bonanza Trail

Large Print:

Deveraux, Jude ~ Chance of a Lifetime

Follett, Ken ~ The Evening and the Morning

Picoult, Jodi ~ The Book of Two Ways

New Books – August

Brunstetter, Wanda E. ~ The Mockingbird’s Song
Castillo, Linda ~ Outsider
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Graham, Heather ~ The Final Deception
Higgins, Kristan ~ Always the Last to Know
Koontz, Dean ~ Devoted
Macomber, Debbie ~ A Walk Along the Beach
Michaels, Fern ~ Bitter Pill
Palmer, T. Jefferson ~ Then She Vanished
Patterson, James ~ The Midwife Murders
Quirk, Matthew ~ Hour of the Assassin
Rosenberg, Charles ~ The Day Lincoln Lost
Rosenfelt, David ~ Muzzled
Sala, Sharon ~ Blind Faith
Sala, Sharon ~ Once in a Blue Moon
Slaughter, Karin ~ The Silent Wife
Steel, Danielle ~ Royal
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water

Bottomly-O’Looney, Jennifer ~ Montana’s Charlie Russell
Boyers, Lindsay ~ 200 under 20g Net Carbs
Hannity, Sean ~ Live Free of Die
Michalczyk, Maggie ~ The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook
Morick, Harri ~ Cuba Cars
Port, Ian S. ~ The Birth of Loud
Shive, Ian ~ America’s National Parks
Smith, Rachel E. ~ Western PA’s Lost Amusement Parks
Swanson, Doug J. ~ Cult of Glory
Trump, Mary L. ~ Too Much and Never Enough

Large Print
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Mallery, Susan ~ The Friendship List
Thor, Brad ~ Near Dark
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water

New Books – June


Andrews, Mary Kay ~ Hello, Summer
Baldacci, David ~ Walk the Wire
Barry, Jessica ~ Don’t Turn Around
Bohjalian, Chris ~ The Red Lotus
Bolton, Sharon ~ The Split
Brown, Rita Mae ~ Furmidable Foes
Chiaverini, Jennifer ~ Mr.s Lincoln’s Sisters
Cussler, Clive ~ Wrath of Poseidon
Deaver, Jeffery ~ The Goodbye Man
Delinsky, Barbara ~ A Week at the Shore
Deveraux, Jude ~ A Forgotten Murder
Gingrich, Newt ~ Shakedown
Graham, Heather ~ Seeing Darkness
Grisham, John ~ Camino Winds
Hilderbrand, Elin ~ 28 Summers
Johansen, Iris ~ The Persuasion
Kidd, Sue Monk ~ The book of Longings
King, Stephen ~ If It Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen ` Someone Like You
Margolin, Phillip ~ A Reasonable Doubt
Michaels, Fern ~ Fearless
Michaels, Fern ~ Truth and Justice
Monroe, Mary Alice ~ On Ocean Boulevard
Oke, Janette ~ Unyielding Hope
Patterson, James ~ 20th Victim
Patterson, James ~ Hush
Patterson, James ~ Revenge
Patterson, James ~ The Summer House
Patterson, James ~ Texas Outlaw
Phillip, Susan Elizabeth ~ Dance Away With Me
Reichs, Kathy ~ A Conspiracy of Bones
Revell, Nancy ~ Victory for the Shipyard Girls
Roberts, Nora ~ Hideaway
Rollins, James ~ The Last Odyssey
Rosenfelt, David ~ The K Team
Sandford, John ~ Masked Prey
Shaara, Jeff ~ To Wake the Giant
Sittenfeld, Curtis ~ Rodham
Turow, Scott ~ The Last Trial
Steel, Danielle ~ Daddy’s Girls
Weiner, Jennifer ~ Big Summer
Woods, Stuart ~ Bombshell
Woods, Stuart ~ Hit List

Boessenecker, John ~ Ride the Devil’s Herd
Langrehr, Henry ~ Whatever It Took
Simpson, Jessica ~ Open Book
Thunberg, Greta ~ Our House is On Fire

Large Print
Carr, Robyn ~ Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
Cussler, Clive ~ Journey of the Pharaohs
Cussler, Clive ~ Wrath of Poseidon
Deaver, Jeffery ~ The Goodbye Man
Delinski ~ A Week at the Shore
Giffin, Emily ~ The Lies that Bind
Jance, J.A. ~ Credible Threat
King, Stephen ~ If it Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen ~ Someone Like You
Koontz, Dean ~ Devoted
Michaels, Fern ~ Fearless
Monroe, Mary Alice ~ On Ocean Boulevard
Parker, Robert B. ~ Grudge Match
Perry, Anne ~ One Fatal Flaw
Quick, Amanda ~ Close Up
Reichs, Kathy ~ A Conspiracy of Bones
Roberts, Nora ~ Hideaway
Ross, Ann B. ~ Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two
Sandford, John ~ Masked Prey
Woods, Stuart ~ Bombshell
Woods, Stuart ~ Hit List

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New Books – January

New Books – January

Cobbs, Elizabeth ~ The Tubman Command
Cook, Robin ~ Genesis
Cornwell, Bernard ~ Sword of Kings
Goldenbaum, Sally ~ Murderous Tangle
Keneally, Thomas ~ Book of Science and Antiquities
Kirkpatrick, Jane ~ One More River to Cross
Rayburn, James ~ Ash
Revell, Nancy ~ Courage of the Shipyard Girls
Rosenstiel, Tom ~ Oppo
Solomon, Burt ~ Attempted Murder of Teddy Roosevelt

Clinton, Hillary Rodham ~ Gutsy Women
Fung, Jason ~ The Obesity Code
Kilmeade, Brian Sam ~ Houston & the Alamo Avengers
O’Neill, Terry ~ Elton John
Osteen, Joel ~ The Power of Favor

New Large Print Books

Carr, Robyn ~ The Country Guesthouse
Grisham, John ~ The Reckoning
Krentz, Jayne Ann ~ The Vanishing
Woods, Stuart ~ Treason

New Books – October


Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem ~ Mycroft & Sherlock: The Empty Cage

Barr, Nevada ~ What Rose Forgot

Deveraux, Jude ~ Met Her Match

Gross, Andrew ~ The Fifth Column

Koepp, David ~ Cold Storage

Lewis, Beverly ~ The Timepiece

Non  Fiction

Adams Media ~ Kinda Vegan

Barry, Dave ~ Lessons from Lucy

Charleson, Susannah ~ Where the Lost Dogs Go

Clavin, Tom ~ Wild Bill

Cleary, Ben ~ Searching for Stonewall Jackson

Cowen, Rob ~ Common Ground

Marshall, Roger ~ How to Build Your Own Tiny House

Palmisano, Joanne ~ Styling with Salvage

Patal, Rachna, Dr. ~ The CBD Oil Solution

Purnell, Sonia ~ A Woman of No Importance

Quindlen, Anna ~ Nanaville

Stewart, Martha ~ Martha Stewart’s Grilling

Varon, Elizabeth R. ~ Armies of Deliverance

Xerces Society ~ 100 Plants to Feed the Bees

Large Print

Archer, Jeffrey ~ Nothing Ventured

Cornwell, Patricia ~ Quantum

Cussler, Clive ~ The Titanic Secret

Dekker, Red ~ The Girls Behind the Red Rope

King, Stephen ~ The Institute

O’Reilly, Bill ~ United States of Trump

Perry, Anne ~ Death in Focus

Sandford, John ~ Bloody Genius

New Books – September


Anderson, Kevin ~ Kill Zone

Archer, Jeffrey ~ Nothing Ventured

Barclay, Linwood ~ Elevator Pitch

Chevalier, Tracy ~ A Single Thread

Cussler, Clive ~ The Titanic Secret

Donati, Sara ~ Where the Light Enters

Donoghue, Emma ~ Akin

Eisler, Barry ~ All the Devils

Flynn, Vince ~ Lethal Agent

Graham, Heather ~ The Stalking

Jance, J.A. ~ Sins of the Fathers

King, Stephen ~ The Institute

Lagercrantz, David ~ The Girl Who Lived Twice

Lamanna, Gina ~ Pretty Guilty Women

Lee, Stan ~ A Trick of the Light

Michaels, Fern ~ Cut and Run

Neggers, Carla ~ Rivals Breal

Owens, Delia ~ Where the Crawdads Sing

Patchett, Ann ~ The Dutch House

Patterson, James ~ Killer Instinct

Patterson, James ~ The Warning

Robb, J.D. ~ Vendetta in Death

Steel, Danielle ~ Dark Side

Non Fiction

Atkinson, Rick ~ The British Are Coming

Gladwell, Malcolm ~ Talking to Strangers

Westover, Tara ~ Educated

Wilson, Robert ~ Barnum

New Books – April


Berry, Steve ~ The Malta Exchange

Box, C.J. ~ Wolf Pack

Castle, Richard ~ Crashing Heat

Childs, Laura ~ Broken Bone China

Coben, Harlan ~ Run Away

Coulter, Catherine ~ The Last Second

Cussler, Clive ~ Celtic Empire

Downing, Samantha ~ My Lovely Wife

Fairstein, Linda ~ Blood Oath

Fielding, Joy ~ All The Wrong Place

Graham, Heather ~ A Lethal Legacy

Johansen, Iris ~ Dark Tribute

Lanchester, John ~ The Wall

Margolin, Phillip ~ The Perfect Alibi

Michaels, Fern ~ Deep Harbor

Neggers, Carla ~ Stone Bridges

Patterson, James ~ The Cornwalls Are Gone

Patterson, James ~ The First Lady

Robards, Karen ~ The Fifth Doctrine

Rosenfelt, David ~ Black and Blue

See, Lisa ~ The Island of Sea Women

Snelling, Lauraine ~ Half Finished

Steel, Danielle ~ Silent Night

Woods, Stuart ~ Wild Card

Large Print

Berry, Steve ~ The Malta Exchange

Coulter, Catherine ~ The Last Second

Jance, J. A. ~ The A List

Johansen, Iris ~ Dark Tribute

Kinsbury, Karen ~ Two Weeks

Michaels, Fern ~ Deep Harbor

Ross, Ann B. ~ Miss Julie Takes the Wheel

Rowley, Steven ~ The Editor

Woods, Stuart ~ Wild Card