New Books – August

Brunstetter, Wanda E. ~ The Mockingbird’s Song
Castillo, Linda ~ Outsider
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Graham, Heather ~ The Final Deception
Higgins, Kristan ~ Always the Last to Know
Koontz, Dean ~ Devoted
Macomber, Debbie ~ A Walk Along the Beach
Michaels, Fern ~ Bitter Pill
Palmer, T. Jefferson ~ Then She Vanished
Patterson, James ~ The Midwife Murders
Quirk, Matthew ~ Hour of the Assassin
Rosenberg, Charles ~ The Day Lincoln Lost
Rosenfelt, David ~ Muzzled
Sala, Sharon ~ Blind Faith
Sala, Sharon ~ Once in a Blue Moon
Slaughter, Karin ~ The Silent Wife
Steel, Danielle ~ Royal
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water

Bottomly-O’Looney, Jennifer ~ Montana’s Charlie Russell
Boyers, Lindsay ~ 200 under 20g Net Carbs
Hannity, Sean ~ Live Free of Die
Michalczyk, Maggie ~ The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook
Morick, Harri ~ Cuba Cars
Port, Ian S. ~ The Birth of Loud
Shive, Ian ~ America’s National Parks
Smith, Rachel E. ~ Western PA’s Lost Amusement Parks
Swanson, Doug J. ~ Cult of Glory
Trump, Mary L. ~ Too Much and Never Enough

Large Print
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Mallery, Susan ~ The Friendship List
Thor, Brad ~ Near Dark
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water