New Books – October


Buchanan, Cathy Marie ~ Daughter of Black Lake

Carr, Robyn ~ Return to Virgin River

Carr, Robyn ~ Whispering Rock

Child, Lee ~ The Sentinel

Dailey, Janet ~ Paradise Peak

Ellis, Lindsay ~ Axiom’s End

Flagg, Fannie ~ Wonder Boy of Whistle Stop

Fluke, Joanne ~ Christmas Cupcake Murder

French, Tana ~ The Searcher

Graham, Heather ~ Deadly Touch

Graham, Heather ~ Dreaming Death

Hilderbrand, Elin ~ Troubles in Paradise

Hooper, Elise ~ Fast Girls

Jewell, Lisa ~ Invisible Girl

Kirkpatrick, Jane ~ Something Worth Doing

Koontz, Dean ~ Elsewhere

Mallery, Susan ~ Happily This Christmas

Michaels, Fern ~ The Brightest Star

Patterson, James ~ 1st Case

Patterson, James ~ Coast to Coast Murder

Patterson, James ~ Three Women Disappear

Robinson, Kim Stanley ~ The Ministry for the Future

Rosenfelt, David ~ Silent Bite

Sparks, Nicholas ~ The Return

Thor, Brad ~ Near Dark

Unger, Lisa ~ Confessions on the 7:45

Woods, Stuart ~ Shakeup


Jones, Carole ~ 30-Minute Cooking From Frozen Cookbook

Miller, Jax ~ Hell in the Heartland

Pestana, Carla Garding ~ The World of Plymouth Plantation

Sacks, Oliver ~ A Leg to Stand On

Seinfeld, Jerry ~ Is This Anything?

Shearer, Clea ~ The Home Edit

Wells, Jonathan Daniel ~ The Kidnapping Club

Wolfe, Muriel Sibell ~ The Bonanza Trail

Large Print:

Deveraux, Jude ~ Chance of a Lifetime

Follett, Ken ~ The Evening and the Morning

Picoult, Jodi ~ The Book of Two Ways

Important Voter Information

The Crawford County Board of Elections has proposed a change to the polling place for the precinct known as Cambridge Springs Borough from Cambridge Springs Public Library to First Baptist Church of Cambridge Springs located at 339 S. Main Street, Cambridge Springs, PA 16403.  All affected voters will be sent a notification of this change via mail.

New Books – September


Atkins, Ace ~ The Revelators

Bachman, Frederik ~ Anxious People

Brown, Sandra ~ Thick as Thieves

Burke, James Lee ~ A Private Cathedral

Cleeves, Ann ~ The Darkest Evening

Deveraux, Jude ~ Chance of a Lifetime

Escobar, Mario ~ Remember Me

Flynn, Vince – Total Power

Follett, Ken ~ Evening and the Morning

Galbraith, Robert ~ Troubled Blood

Hiaasen, Carl ~ Squeeze Me

Hornby, Nick ~ Just Like You

James, Miranda ~ Cat Me if You Can

Johnson, Craig ~ Next to Last Stand

Johansen, Iris ~ Chaos

Kellerman, Jonathan & Jesse ~ Half Moon Bay

Kline, Christina Baker ~ The Exiles

Lewis, Beverly ~ The Stone Wall

Osman, Richard ~ The Thursday Murder Club

Palahniuk, Chuck ~ The Invention of Sound

Paolini, Christopher ~ To Sleep in a Sea of Stars

Parker, Robert B. ~ Fool’s Paradise

Patterson, James ~ Cajun Justice

Penny, Louise ~ All the Devils are Here

Perry, Anne ~ Question of Betrayal

Picoult, Jodi ~ The Book of Two Ways

Quinn, Spencer ~ Of Mutts and Men

Robards, Karen ~ The Black Swan of Paris

Robb, J.D. ~ Shadows in Death

Sawyer, Kim Vogel ~ The Librarian of Boone’s Hollow

Silva, Daniel ~ The Order

Tyler, Anne ~ Redhead by the Side of the Road

Ware, Ruth ~ One by One

Wiggs, Susan ~ Lost and Found Bookshop

Willett, Marcia ~ Seven Days in the Summer

Wingate, Lisa ~ The book of Lost Friends


Non Fiction

Bolton, John ~ The Room Where it Happened

Patterson, James ~ Murder Thy Neighbor

Taste of Home ~ Meal Planning

Thayer, Samuel ~ Forager’s Harvest

Trebek, Alex ~ The Answer Is…

Weschler, Lawrence ~ And How Are You, Dr. Sacks?


Large Print

Bachman, Fredrik ~ Anxious People

Burke, James Lee ~ A Private Cathedral

Lucado, Max ~ You Are Never Alone

Michaels, Fern ~ Truth and Justice

O’Reilly, Bill ~ Killing Crazy Horse

Parker, Robert B. ~ Fool’s Paradise

Penny, Louise ~ All the Devils are Here

Perry, Anne ~ A Question of Betrayal

Robb, J.D. ~ Shadows in Death

New Books – August

Brunstetter, Wanda E. ~ The Mockingbird’s Song
Castillo, Linda ~ Outsider
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Graham, Heather ~ The Final Deception
Higgins, Kristan ~ Always the Last to Know
Koontz, Dean ~ Devoted
Macomber, Debbie ~ A Walk Along the Beach
Michaels, Fern ~ Bitter Pill
Palmer, T. Jefferson ~ Then She Vanished
Patterson, James ~ The Midwife Murders
Quirk, Matthew ~ Hour of the Assassin
Rosenberg, Charles ~ The Day Lincoln Lost
Rosenfelt, David ~ Muzzled
Sala, Sharon ~ Blind Faith
Sala, Sharon ~ Once in a Blue Moon
Slaughter, Karin ~ The Silent Wife
Steel, Danielle ~ Royal
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water

Bottomly-O’Looney, Jennifer ~ Montana’s Charlie Russell
Boyers, Lindsay ~ 200 under 20g Net Carbs
Hannity, Sean ~ Live Free of Die
Michalczyk, Maggie ~ The Great Big Pumpkin Cookbook
Morick, Harri ~ Cuba Cars
Port, Ian S. ~ The Birth of Loud
Shive, Ian ~ America’s National Parks
Smith, Rachel E. ~ Western PA’s Lost Amusement Parks
Swanson, Doug J. ~ Cult of Glory
Trump, Mary L. ~ Too Much and Never Enough

Large Print
Coulter, Catherine ~ Deadlock
Mallery, Susan ~ The Friendship List
Thor, Brad ~ Near Dark
Woods, Stuart ~ Choppy Water

New Books – June


Andrews, Mary Kay ~ Hello, Summer
Baldacci, David ~ Walk the Wire
Barry, Jessica ~ Don’t Turn Around
Bohjalian, Chris ~ The Red Lotus
Bolton, Sharon ~ The Split
Brown, Rita Mae ~ Furmidable Foes
Chiaverini, Jennifer ~ Mr.s Lincoln’s Sisters
Cussler, Clive ~ Wrath of Poseidon
Deaver, Jeffery ~ The Goodbye Man
Delinsky, Barbara ~ A Week at the Shore
Deveraux, Jude ~ A Forgotten Murder
Gingrich, Newt ~ Shakedown
Graham, Heather ~ Seeing Darkness
Grisham, John ~ Camino Winds
Hilderbrand, Elin ~ 28 Summers
Johansen, Iris ~ The Persuasion
Kidd, Sue Monk ~ The book of Longings
King, Stephen ~ If It Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen ` Someone Like You
Margolin, Phillip ~ A Reasonable Doubt
Michaels, Fern ~ Fearless
Michaels, Fern ~ Truth and Justice
Monroe, Mary Alice ~ On Ocean Boulevard
Oke, Janette ~ Unyielding Hope
Patterson, James ~ 20th Victim
Patterson, James ~ Hush
Patterson, James ~ Revenge
Patterson, James ~ The Summer House
Patterson, James ~ Texas Outlaw
Phillip, Susan Elizabeth ~ Dance Away With Me
Reichs, Kathy ~ A Conspiracy of Bones
Revell, Nancy ~ Victory for the Shipyard Girls
Roberts, Nora ~ Hideaway
Rollins, James ~ The Last Odyssey
Rosenfelt, David ~ The K Team
Sandford, John ~ Masked Prey
Shaara, Jeff ~ To Wake the Giant
Sittenfeld, Curtis ~ Rodham
Turow, Scott ~ The Last Trial
Steel, Danielle ~ Daddy’s Girls
Weiner, Jennifer ~ Big Summer
Woods, Stuart ~ Bombshell
Woods, Stuart ~ Hit List

Boessenecker, John ~ Ride the Devil’s Herd
Langrehr, Henry ~ Whatever It Took
Simpson, Jessica ~ Open Book
Thunberg, Greta ~ Our House is On Fire

Large Print
Carr, Robyn ~ Sunrise on Half Moon Bay
Cussler, Clive ~ Journey of the Pharaohs
Cussler, Clive ~ Wrath of Poseidon
Deaver, Jeffery ~ The Goodbye Man
Delinski ~ A Week at the Shore
Giffin, Emily ~ The Lies that Bind
Jance, J.A. ~ Credible Threat
King, Stephen ~ If it Bleeds
Kingsbury, Karen ~ Someone Like You
Koontz, Dean ~ Devoted
Michaels, Fern ~ Fearless
Monroe, Mary Alice ~ On Ocean Boulevard
Parker, Robert B. ~ Grudge Match
Perry, Anne ~ One Fatal Flaw
Quick, Amanda ~ Close Up
Reichs, Kathy ~ A Conspiracy of Bones
Roberts, Nora ~ Hideaway
Ross, Ann B. ~ Miss Julia Knows a Thing or Two
Sandford, John ~ Masked Prey
Woods, Stuart ~ Bombshell
Woods, Stuart ~ Hit List