Berenson, Alex ~ The Night Ranger
Binchy, Maeve ~ A Week in Winter
Block, Lawrence ~ Hit Me
Fluke, Joanne ~ The Red Velvet Cupcake Murder
Jance, J.A. ~ Deadly Stakes
Johansen, Iris ~ Sleep No More
Jordan, Robert ~ A Memory of Light
Kellerman, Jonathan ~ Guilt
Kleypas, Lisa ~ Crystal Cove
Palmer, Michael ~ Political Suicide
Patterson, James ~ Alex Cross, Run
Picoult, Jodi ~ The Storyteller
Rosenfelt, David ~ Airtight
Stabenow, Dana ~ Bad Blood
Steel, Danielle ~ Until the End of Time

Non Fiction

336.2 SCH ~ How to Pay Zero Taxes
364.15 CLA ~ Pizza Bomber
617.4 GOL ~ No Stone Unturned
658.4 SCA ~ the Big Book of Brain-Storming Games
686.3 MCC ~ Making Mini Books

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